M. Albertoni, Italian Reformation and Religious Dissent of the Sixteenth Century: A Bibliography (1998-2020)

Edizioni dell’Orso

557 p.

The religious conflicts of the sixteenth century and the troubled biographies of preachers, exiles and those investigated by the Inquisition have never ceased to fascinate historians of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation who in recent years have drawn up a more complex picture of the various currents and groups who animated doctrinal dissent in Italy and which included men and women from every social class. This bibliography is intended to provide a map of the studies published from 1998 – the year when the Archives of the Index and the Roman Holy Office were opened – until 2020 passing through the fifth centenary of the Protestant Reformation (2017). It extends and follows the format of an imposing work that has stimulated scholars to continue their efforts of digging into the religious history of sixteenth century Italy: The Italian Reformation of the Sixteenth Century and the Diffusion of Renaissance Culture: A Bibliography of the Secondary Literature (Ca. 1750-1997), compiled by John Tedeschi in association with James M. Lattis (Modena, Panini, 2000).

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