Spazio pubblico e crisi della modernità.L’arte di ridurre al silenzio l’avversario

International Workshop, Como, 22-24 gennaio 2024 –

The workshop will take place over 3 days (January 22-24, 2024) at the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies. In addition to the organizers, international researchers, post-docs and PhD students selected on the basis of applications will be involved. The mornings will revolve around the discussion of lectures given by two invited experts, all focusing on the results and perspectives of the two research projects. The afternoons will be devoted to thematic workshops, during which the researchers themselves and the organizers will lead discussion based on the project presentations of the 15 doctoral and post-doctoral students selected. Each student will have around 20 minutes to present his or her own research, and 15 minutes to discuss it with the other participants.

Programma in allegato.